I started watching Season 1 of Knight Rider. This movie is based on a car and a driver named Michael Knight. The car used in this movie is Transom in black color. This car drive itself and can do various things like jumping over high walls, breaking through from walls, drive on two wheels (Ski-Mode) and by using micro-jam, it can stop any moving vehicle in front of it to stop.

This car is very special designed by the man named Wilton Knight and his friend Devon Miles. Wilton Knight found Michael Long quite dead on the road with his car. He picked him up and took him to the hospital Michael Long was shot on his face but he survived. Doctors gave him a new look a new face after that he started working to over come his weaknesses.

In past before the accident, he was a police cop; he lost his memory in the accident. Wilton Knight gave him a new name Michael Knight, also gave him his car with a new look and special modifications. Michael takes a test drive of the car and the car surprised him with automatic cruise control and by driving itself during the test drive. Michael was impressed with his new car. The car’s name is Knight Industries 2000, KITT in short.

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