Need for Speed Most Wanted

I started playing Need for Speed Most Wanted on my computer. I start my career and start racing with rivals. There are 15 rivals; I have to defeat them by doing racing and gaining points. When I win a race, I get points and as well as dollars like 15000$ etc.
First, I have Customized BMW Sports Model. When I was racing with the third rival, my car engine ceases due to oil leakage. My car was toed to a toe van. The leader of them, His name was Razor, I was standing there suddenly cops came and I was busted. After few days I came out of jail and started my career again, a girl help me in buying a new car, her name was Mia. She helps me A lot in building my career, she tells me that I have to work very hard to defeat those rivals, she also tell me what to do next after every race. I buy a new car Chevrolet Cobalt SS and start racing. After every race or after two or three races, I upgrade my car body parts, engine parts, suspension, turbo, NOS and other things that are necessary for upgrading the car for racing. Then I finish customization of my car, and continue racing when I start moving towards the next race suddenly cops car passed through they turn and start chasing me. The pursuit mode starts and I have to lose them by hiding in safe houses where they cannot see me. After few seconds, the heat will cool down then I decide to go to my safe house.
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